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"A genuine masterpiece, Ragtime is one of those rare musicals that can be mentioned in the same breath as Show Boat, Porgy and Bess, and Fiddler on the Roof. Ragtime conjures up an unforgettable musical of breath taking scope and achievement. Likely to be the most memorable musical that you will ever experience."
Michael Summers-STAR-LEDGER

"Everything about Ragtime is big... with superb production values and a fine cast, it has all the elements of a long running hit. Ragtime signals the return of the epic American musical to Broadway."
Pat Collins

"The number one theatrical event of the year. A brilliant work of musical storytelling, social comment and canny staging that marks a glorious culmination for the American musical at the end of its first century."
Richard Zoglin, TIME Magazine

"With its intelligence and integrity, and bringing the critical imprimatur of a near masterpiece, Ragtime is state-of-the art theater craftsmanship A cyclotron of American history, Ragtime makes a powerful liberal statement at a moment when such statements are rare."
Jack Kroll, Newsweek

"A mesmerizing, triumphant and enthralling musical. The essence of Ragtime's originality is its boldness and stunning power. A vast kaleidoscope with a brilliant book, breathtaking sets, big stirring numbers and gorgeous melodies. Ragtime is thrillingly entertaining."
Finan O'Toole, Daily News

Ragtime fills the stage with spectacle. A big, glorious pageant, a rapid succession of stunning-looking musical numbers... (impeccable performances)
Robert Felberg, The Record

"A major American musical, artfully blending song and story, with a superb score and cascading melodies that simply don't stop. Ragtime dares its audiences to dream - and fulfills those dreams handsomely. A sensational production."
Michael Kuchwara, Associated Press

"Wow! Ragtime is a colossal hit, firing on all cylinders like gangbusters. It swept onto Broadway like a tidal wave - unstoppable, irresistible. No one in their right mind will want to miss Ragtime."
Clive Barnes, The New York Post

"One of the great American musicals. An extraordinary and remarkable evening on the American stage. Revetting. You're going to love this show.
Joan Hamburg, WOR

"Ragtime is a full-fledged triumph. With an inspiring score and impeccable direction, it is an evening of theater to be cherished."
Jeffery Lyons, Channel 4

"Not since Les Miserables has a musical tried to be this intelligent, and succeeds on a grand scale."
Joanna Coles, The London Guardian

"We are witnessing Broadway history in the making! Ragtime is everything that a musical should be. It flies, it sings, it shouts, it moves us to ecstasy. 'Ragtime' is a work of art, that penetrate our souls. Brilliantly captures the spirit of an era. (You will be transformed by Ragtime)
Roma Torre, Channel 1

"Ragtime is a milestone in musical theater."
Peter Travers, Rolling Stones

"The last great musical of the century."
John Lahr, The New Yorker

"Ragtime is a vast and handsome epic. Clean, elegant, sensual. Breathtaking story-telling with a first rate cast and creative team."
Linda Winer, Newsday

"Ragtime is a brilliant musical. An all together thrilling show in both conception and execution. A supremely intelligent score, ranging from melting gorgeous ballads to stirring anthems. The company of actors is first rate from top to bottom, the direction is superb.
Clifford A. Ridley, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"In the reach of its ambition and in the grasp of its achievement, Ragtime stands as one of the great American musicals. A majestic work for the theater.. it expands and broadens the frontiers of musicals even while it celebrates and stays faithful to the song-and-dance traditions that have marked our musicals at their best."
Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune